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John Bligh Nutting

Growing Awareness

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Bald Hills, Qld

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I love voice dialogue and the gifts it brings us. I find Voice Dialogue such a powerful tool helping enhance self-awareness, increase self-empowerment, and strengthen relationships while at the same time protecting our inner child. My specialist fields include using Voice Dialogue as a self-awareness skill to help people make changes that make a difference, balancing opposite selves, overcoming blockages, addictions, negative self-talkand dealing with Inner Matriarchs and Inner Patriarchs.

I started doing Voice Dialogue around the world by telephone many years ago with great success. My main practice continues, now dialoguing "face-to-face" around the World on Skype. I'm always amazed thanks to Skype, how easily people can experience voice dialogue in the usual way, even though we are thousands of miles apart.

I still work with clients here in Brisbane and still conduct voice dialogue and inner child training programs. in Australia.


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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1993
Teaching Since 1993

Practice: Growing Awareness Pty Ltd
Bald Hills Brisbane Queensland  Australia

Skype:   johnbligh301

Additional Modalities: Inner Child work, Balancing Core Beliefs; EMDR; Emotional Age Awareness

Areas of Interest: Voice dialogue facilitating and facilitator-training; core belief and emotional age balancing; developing functional adult and key life skills; dealing with Inner Patriarchs and Inner Matriarchs; Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD); EMDR; communication and intimacy; overcoming blockages (sexual, emotional and negativity); self-esteem and boundary growth; repetitive self-defeating patterns (RSDP), codependency and addictions.

Title/Field School Date
BA (Psych) University of Queensland 1974
Type Granting Organization Date
MQCA (Clinical) Queensland Counsellors Association 2006
PACFA Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation Australia 2006
ARCAP Australian Register Counsellors and the Psychotherapists 2012
Professional Background
My practice: I was first introduced to Voice Dialogue in the early 90s. The more I listened and dialogued with inner voices the more I learned. It was those inner voices and of course Hal and Sidra Stone and their many gifted staff members who together opened up this incredible world of self-awareness and changed my own life is so many positive ways.

That led to my first book "Growing Awareness" published in 1999 which was largely about Voice Dialogue and became the main text book when I was lecturing at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

My practice also reflects my special interest in using voice dialogue to connect directly with Inner Children. I was fortunate to be able to work for a short time as an intern at The Meadows in Arizona with Pia Mellody and in Australia with Dr. John Bradshaw in the 1990s. One outcome, another book "Love Your Inner Child". In 1997 I trained with Nikki Nemerouf on a new approach which identified our deepest (and often our most negative) core beliefs. Dialoguing with those deepest beliefs opened up a further understanding and another book "Balancing Your Core Beliefs" using voice dialogue as the basis of the opposite belief balancing process.

Latest Developments: Wherever I hold my Voice dialogue groups there seems to be an unusual range of different chairs, some relaxed, some formal some high some low, some businesslike some casual. As I talk with the inner selves and as they move I notice how each self seems to delight in moving into "their" particular kind of chair. I now focus more on the changing non-verbal energy and the shifts in emotional age as clients and their inner selves move from one self to another. Today my voice dialogue work reflects this. I recently completed a new book "Flying Awareness" which uses colors, symbols and birds to help clients focus on the many different and constantly changing emotional ages their inner selves take them through each day.

Free Condensed versions of each of these books are available as downloads from or from my websites

Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Voice Dialogue Level 1Mendocino CaliforniaMarch 199434Dr. Hal Stone Dr. Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue level IIMendocino CaliforniaJuly 199634Dr. Hal Stone Dr. Sidra Stone
Advanced Training Melbourne Australia November 1995 17 Dr. Hal Stone Dr. Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue Workshop - Senior Staff MemberBrisbane Queensland AustraliaNovember 1995 20 Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue - Senior Staff MemberSeymor Victoria Australia Easter 8 day Voice Dialogue Camp 2001 60 Paul Gale Baker
Voice Dialogue - Senior Staff MemberBlackheath NSW AustraliaJanuary 1997 20 Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone
Senior Staff member -Voice Dialogue TrainingBrisbaneAustralia March - Oct. 2001 80 Paul Gale Baker
Advanced Practitioner and Voice Dialogue Training Brisbane Australia March - Oct. 2002 64Teacher Course Leader and Presenter  John B Nutting

Voice Dialogue and Bonding Patterns
Phone workshops

Berkley CA. 2013-2014 2 hours a month Martha-Lou Wolff



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