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A New Kind of Relationship
by Drs. Hal Stone and Sidra Stone

Partnering means:
• Equality in relationships
• A joint venture complete with business meetings
• Moving out of our old "automatic" relationship patterns
• How to balance your need for relationship with your need for individuality
• Knowing that when the sexuality isn't working, the relationship isn't working

We have only scratched the surface of what is possible in relationships. In their new book, "Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship," clinical psychologists and international teachers, Hal and Sidra Stone examine some of the possibilities that are opening to us as relationships evolve. They show us how to turn our relationships into true partnerships or "joint ventures" in which partners discover how to balance their need for relationship with their need for individuality, and to relinquish judgment and self-criticism.

    Section 1

    A New Way of Looking at Partnering

    Chapter 1
  • Relationship As a Joint Venture 
  • Chapter 2
  • But I Thought I Was Married to Just One Person! Our “Selves” in Relationship
  • Chapter 3
  • Mapmaking for Partners: Understanding the Patterns in Your Relationship 
  • Chapter 4
  • Vulnerability: The Key to Intimacy and Beyond
  • Chapter 5
  • The Magic of Linkage: Energetic Connection As a Healing Force

    Section 2

    Enhancing Relationship

    Chapter 6
  • Passionate Partnering: Sexuality and Sensuality beyond the Bedroom 
  • Chapter 7
  • Partnering As a Business Venture: Learning to Share the Details of Life
  • Chapter 8
  • Partnering and Parenting: A Couple’s Guide to Romance
  • Chapter 9
  • The Top Ten Challenges to Relationship: Keeping Your Love Alive Amid Life’s Routines
  • Chapter 10
  • Partners on the Path: Spirituality and Partnering

  • Afterword

    The Star Maiden’s Basket

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