The Aware Ego
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The Aware Ego

Five-hour talk on the Psychology of the Aware Ego
by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone — mp3 Audio Talk
$19.95mp3 (very large 292mb download)

The “Aware Ego” process is a totally new concept and one of the Stones’ major contributions to the understanding of the psyche. This definitive series builds upon prior knowledge of Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves. In five and one-half hours of discussion, exercises, and demonstrations, Hal and Sidra lead you on a fascinating in-depth exploration of The Aware Ego process and its role in both the earthly and the spiritual aspects of your life.
The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
Selves in a Box
Article by Sidra Stone

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