Hal Stone at Ninety:
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Hal Stone at Ninety:

Looking Back / Looking Ahead
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This interview with Hal is a very special gift. It is a meeting of two remarkable men - two world teachers who have been friends for over forty years, both of whom contributed significantly to the consciousness movement during this period of time.

When Hal turned ninety this past December, I had a dream of bringing these two men together to create a unique dialogue. So it was that we invited Joseph Heller, the founder of Hellerwork, to interview Hal as he entered his tenth decade.

Together, they trace Hal's psycho-spiritual development from his early years up until the present, exploring both the external and the internal forces that contributed to the evolution of his thought.

Beginning with his years as a military psychologist, Hal describes his development as a therapist and visionary thinker; his experiences as a Jungian trainee and analyst; and his creation of the pioneering Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles. He shares insights from the "laboratory" of our relationship and describes the development of our work and our experiences as world teachers. And, of course, he speaks of his inner world - his dreams and their influence on his life.

The last portion of the interview is devoted to Hal's most recent journeys and his current explorations. He reflects on what it is like to be ninety and how our work can not only enrich, but also help to deal with, the challenges of this time of life.

And as the final gift of this interview, we have Hal's first public presentation of his current thinking about Source Energy and how this idea evolved over decades of thought and reflection. It represents the mature insights of a deeply dedicated, lifelong consciousness seeker.

We hope you will enjoy the story, the journey and Hal's latest explorations of the Interior!
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