Visions and Prophecies
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Visions and Prophecies

A New Consciousness
by Dr. Hal Stone — mp3 Audio Talk

“A new consciousness is needed if we want to deal with the polarizations and challenges that are facing us today.” — Hal Stone, Ph.D.

Hal Stone’s words are as relevant today as they were almost forty years ago. This mp3 is ‘Vintage Hal’ as – with his characteristic combination of wisdom and humor – he addresses the prevalent fears for the future of our home planet. As always, he is basically optimistic, he has concrete suggestions for how to deal with the situation, and his vision is inspiring.

The year was 1983 and the night was the night of a full moon, blue moon total eclipse. As Brugh Joy introduced Hal to the participants of the year-end conference at Asilomar, he noted that the next such celestial event would occur in the year 2485.

It certainly sounded as though this was going to be an exceptional evening. And so it was.

Then, as now, was a time of upheaval and of cultural change - of changing consciousness. The sixties and seventies were over and, for many people, traditional beliefs and behavior no longer fit into the new, and far more complex cultural, political, and spiritual realities. Across the globe there were those who moved towards the unexplored and unfamiliar and those who yearned for the security and predictability of the traditional.

Then, as now, was a time of intense polarization, dire predictions and conspiracy theories. Then, as now, we were in need of a consciousness that would be able to deal with the myriad challenges that faced our world. And now, as then, Hal Stone’s words reassure and inspire as he shares his vision of what we as individuals can do to contribute to the necessary changes.
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