Academic / Peer Reviewed


The Development of Selves in LGBTQIA+ Individuals:
A Voice Dialogue Perspective
Melanie Battaglia Moir, M.A.
Allow Me To Introduce My Selves: An Introduction to and Phenomenological Study of Voice Dialogue Therapy
Zohar Berchik, M.A.
Group Voice Dialogue Facilitation Process
By J’aime ona Pangaia, RN

Voice Dialogue:
An Effective Unit As Part of a Comprehensive
Therapeutic Strategy for Treating Anorexia
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW

The Development of Conscious Body Symptom Work, and its Efficacy in Client Outcomes
Judith Hendin, Ph.D.
How Voice Dialogue Entered Finland - A 15 Year Story
Jukka Laitakari, Ph.D. and Tetra Frey-Laitakari
Coaching with Polarities. Introducing the Stretching technique
Robert Stamboliev, Ph.D., Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP), The Netherlands
Conflict as a Driver for Transformation in Creative Teamwork
Silje Alberthe Kamille Friis, Ph.D. Kolding School of Design
Coaches, Type and Bonding Patterns
Genevieve Cailloux, D.E.S.S. - Pierre Cauvin, Ph.D.
Developing Creative Competencies
by Silje Alberthe Kamille Friis, Ph.D.
An Efficacy Study on "Intelligence of Self": Voice Dialogue and Personality Types
by Pierre Cauvin and Geneviève Cailloux2010
The Neurobiology of the Aware Ego: Redefining the Self
by John H. Dougherty Jr.M.D. and LeAnne I. Dougherty, D.S.W. and Mateja de Leonni Stanonik, Ph.D. and Charles Licata, M.A.


psychology of the selves

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